Euthanized Bears of Gatlinburg

Euthanization is no secret to society nowadays. When our animals are sick and incapable of getting better, we have found a way to humanely put down an animal. This process is considered the best way to put an animal out of its misery and create a better system. But what about the wild animals who don’t have an option once they are considered to be a danger to us? Is it right for us to decide their fate? Many people would argue that because of their actions against humans in the woods, bears need to be put down so we can be safer in the woods.

In my opinion, people have taken safety and euthanization to an entirely different level. We’re no longer using euthanization the right way. What happened to animals being a part of the wild and the woods being THEIR home? It’s not them who are trespassing upon our grounds, it is us who go into their home and decide to take a chance at camping or enjoying the outdoors. People need to understand that, these things come with dangers and if the bears were to do terrible things, it’s because it’s their nature, not because they should know better or be expected to behave decently. To be honest, I think it all comes down to how you see the world. It shouldn’t be said that bears are expected to act a certain way, to fit the expectations of others who go camping. It’s inhumane to euthanize a bear for doing what it knows. But, this is just an opinion, and I am only person. But these bears do not have a voice, to stand and help people realize, that bears should not be put down because of their own nature.

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