Hate. It is something that all of us have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting sometime or another. It’s a brush of terror, a means of great evil on some occasions, and can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands. Hate is never a good thing, and it never has been. And in today’s mess of darkness, many are asking where the light is. Have we lost it, or did we run it away along with all of the great, world changing people?

Many believe in a universal law that everything has a balance, and if there exists darkness, there must be light. Growing up, we are taught that light is supposed to win, and darkness is meant to fail. But if this is the case, why has the dark become so impassable? What can we do? What are we supposed to do? The answer, it seems, would be simple: drive away the darkness. But how do you fight a force of people who believe what they are doing is right? Some say the strongest and most terrifying weapon can be your belief. If it’s strong enough, it will take you great distances. One only needs to take a look deep into history to know this. People from both sides, light and dark, have achieved immense success while pursuing their endeavors.


So, the questions come again. What are we supposed to do? And what can we use to fight the rising darkness that has tainted the world? The Orlando shooting, which happened only a few days ago, shows what hate is capable of. If murder was a means to make a point for this deranged shooter, then he surely got his way. But what we didn’t receive, was the pleasure of hopelessness he most likely tried to instill in us all.

Hate will never win. Not as long as we have the people and the power to fight back with even larger bouts of love and determination. Hate will never have a place in the hearts of those who truly feel the love and care for the world and those living in it.

Personally, I can’t even begin to express my anger towards the gunman who committed this terrible act. But anger isn’t something we need to focus on. It is love he tried to extinguish, and it is love that will prevail and win against his hate, as well as all hate that exists in the world. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow, believing that the tides really do turn, and that another chance is just around the corner for the world. Namaste, everyone.

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