Emotions Are Real

The title above is an obvious statement. We all know that emotions exist because we feel them. Everyone experiences emotions at different levels and intensities. But just because someone feels something doesn’t mean there going to do something about it. Everyday we come across people we know nothing about. In that moment, as your passing a stranger on the sidewalk, that person could be going through the hardest trials of their life. They will decide to take action regarding those trials, or do nothing at all. So many times people choose the latter, and it’s unfortunate.

I wanted to focus on this topic mainly to point out that what we feel does matter. Going through life suppressing that which you truly feel will take a toll on you and in the blink of an eye, you’re unhappy with your life and wish you had done something different. It always benefits us to go with the flow and be ourselves, never halting our emotion but keeping it in check when appropriate. While that’s easier said than done, I certainly relate. I struggle every day with various forms of depression, anxiety, and many other issues that people have no idea about. These are things that happen in life and many of us try to tell ourselves that we should repress these emotions. It’s not healthy to do so, but I don’t have to be the one to tell people that. Usually, they know what they’re doing and it’s damn hard to break the cycle.

But in order to grow and to heal, the cycle must end some time or another. We think our lives are lived through daily promises, but that’s not all. Our lives take shape in our insecurities, strengths, wonder, fear, and our experiences. They keep us from falling or help us hit the ground. But regardless of how they affect you, they’re yours. All your problems, talents, and situations…they’re all yours.

I feel as though taking responsibility is the first step. Realizing that you are responsible for your OWN happiness is what counts. No one will bring you absolute happiness except yourself. There are many ways to go about it, but looking for that happiness in others will always lead down a road of discomfort. I guess the premise of this blog is… be yourself and feel exactly how you are. You are unique and there is no one else like you on the entire planet, and yet you are small; a pin prick in this vast universe. That isn’t to undermine your worth, but to remind many that there are bigger things than us out there. And while we’re all going about our days as star dust, the universe is spiraling, slowly making its way into another cycle.

We are worth what we tell ourselves. So be kind to yourself in all ways.

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