Ghosts? Are You There?

You can tell yourself everyday that ghosts don’t exist. And if you choose to believe that then by all means. However, for someone like me who sees spirits almost daily, I know they’re real. I’m also aware that they aren’t always pleasant. Here lately I’ve been dealing with a few spirits that have been around my workplace, my bedroom, and random places in public. Most of them mind their own business, but two in particular are starting to become rather bothersome. I’m still not sure of their intentions, but I intend to do a cleansing very soon.

For someone who has never seen a spirit, this type of talk probably sounds insane. It’s hard to really take someone seriously unless you’ve gone through it yourself and that’s understandable. I like creepy, weird, and strange things, so it’s not something that scares me often. Plenty of people steer away from this sort of thing simply because they’re afraid of the unknown. Whether you’ve seen someone vanish or felt a terrible energy in the room, things that leave us clueless usually scare us. It’s the fear of the unknown, and it scares us silly.

However, I like for people to see it all for what it really is. Yes, there are good spirits, but there are bad ones too. It’s like being human in a way. A person is capable of being good, bad, or both. When it comes to most spirits, the same qualities apply. But the premise of this post is to see in a different way. Do you believe in ghosts? If not, opening your mind to even the possibility could take you down a road of wonder. There is a lot to be had by turning your fears into something else. It’s a reminder that you don’t always have to see something to believe it.

Today seems scattered…which means it’s probably the perfect time to perform a cleansing. I can’t express enough how important it is to cleanse your house at least once a month. It helps with the flow of energy and really makes a difference. I want to ask the question once more… do you believe in ghosts?



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