The Unknown

Why do we push so hard to understand that which is unknown? Could it be that we are scared? We have to know what’s going on, and be in control at all times. People have told me all my life that you can’t always be in control. While that may be true, certain people hold onto that secure set of mind with a death grip. For those people, control is everything. I’m a bit of a control freak with myself so I understand the feeling. I like to know that I am in control of my body, words, and actions. We all make our own decisions…but if that control is thrown into a spiral of craziness, chaos surely reigns. But we don’t have to be chained down by the thought of losing control. Many people would say that control isn’t even real. We are all controlled by some greater force…kind of like a Sims game. I like to think that’s not true, that we all have our capabilities, and free will. No one can know with factual absolution.

What I do know is that we don’t face the unknown without danger, fear, and the constant wonder of what’s on the other side of everything. Curiosity killed the cat they say, but I say that doesn’t always happen. Just recently I’ve been afraid that somehow jumping into this new venture of writing and researching would make me lose myself in some tangle of misery or drop me in a fight for something I no longer believe in. It took practically a month of being sick and some long talks with friends and family to realize that it doesn’t matter what you start with, so long as you start something. And if it turns out down the road, it wasn’t what you thought, simply change and try again. Sure, it isn’t simple, but isn’t it worth it to find what you truly want to do? If it only takes you a month or so, good for you. But if it takes you years, that’s okay too. Because through it all you will have gained all the notches in your belt to say you have tried SO many things and finally came to do what you love and cherish. You will have experienced ALL those things and still have your purpose to go along with it. Work is work, that’s simple enough. But combining a love of what you do with that work can be the best thing ever. So, we don’t have to fear the unknown, we must embrace it. We chase what we need to in order to find ourselves. Even if that means venturing into the deep, dark unknown…

Blessed Be, everyone.

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