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Summer Vacation

You know what feeling I miss? That surge of energy you would get when school was about to let out for the whole summer. Granted they’ve shortened it quite a bit, but that feeling never went away. It was like a euphoric galaxy until time to go back. But we can’t always feel that way. I’ve been thinking a lot about that feeling lately. It taunts me at the back of my mind, making me wonder if I’ve lost that aspect of myself. Some people say we can never lose who we are, but is that true? I’ve seen people just this past week who have ripped themselves apart to become something they’re not. It breaks my heart.

I would like to think that we can’t fully lose our entirety. That’s a comforting thought. So why am I bothered so much by the thought of losing that feeling? I guess it all boils down to losing your inner child. We all start out that way; full of wonder and curiosity. But so many of us lose that kid as we grow up. And the worst part? People pressure young adults into it. It’s almost as if fun is a bad thing that needs to be swept under the rug the older you get. So, why can’t I let it go? Because it’s important. Imagination, fun, being silly…it all matters more than you know. We’re all children at heart. The world can still amaze us if we let the right feelings in.

But who am I to say that, that’s the rule for everyone. I certainly don’t think so. It’s just my take on it. I find keeping that inner kid close to heart makes the world feel just a bit better despite all the bad stuff happening right now. I can’t say that I would never look at things rationally. But, I do want to make a point to really stop and have more fun. I’m tired of adult this and that. True, “adulting” is necessary, but we all need a refresh of energy from time to time. Why not start now?

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