Pesky Thoughts At 3AM

There’s an old saying which states we all have three faces. The one we show to the public, the one we reveal to our friends and family, and the one we keep to ourselves.

It’s that face that never sees others that really shows the truth. The others seem to be masks or part of masks, so they always receive a pass. But what would the world really think of us if we were to keep our true faces open at all times? It’s not to say that we are doing anything wrong. This is just the way we function as humans. We’ve been raised to think and act a certain way and sometimes we never break out of that. Am I making excuses? Definitely not. I simply don’t like it when people are dishonest, especially when important details are involved.

Most of our friends look at us in a different way than we look at ourselves. Isn’t that hard to wrap your mind around? All the possible perspectives and it always comes down to the type of person they’ll be. It’s exhausting…unless you couldn’t care less about what people think. But even those who swear up and down that they don’t care have a tiny secret. It’s in our nature to “care” and worry, so even they care just a bit about what people think. We just can’t help it. I say it all the time. I could care less what people think. But just a smidgen of me cares, whether I want to admit it or not. You never really fully get rid of that. It’s like a tickle at the back of your brain.

And finally the public. The faces we keep on for them are often as solid as concrete, depending on who you are. A lot of people need to feel protected while in public so they form a facade. Some form walls and come off as distant. Others just push everyone away until there’s nothing there but the quiet. Any way you look at it, we all seem to have some sort of mask on. It could break at any minute, but in that split second, when we realize it’s down, we bring it back up just in the nick of time.

But what makes me more attuned to these little bits of information more than anything is the constant reminder that people could simply be hiding behind a mask you actually think is the real face.

To the little sneak (you know who you are) who decided to show their true colors at the worst time, this post was written just for you. I hope you find your way out of the dark and become a better person. If not……

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