Just Make It Through The Day

Somehow I have managed to make it through the day with just three hours of sleep. It’s amazing that we are capable of pushing ourselves to limits we probably shouldn’t. Sadly, sometimes it’s necessary. I don’t regret it though. It’s been a great set of hours. But what really gets us going? If we’re almost spent, what pushes us forward and allows us to keep pressing on? Our will, of course. We can’t really see anything else when we are feeling this way. It’s like a type of hyper focus. We love, fight, push, pull, etc…

Until finally that’s all we have and somehow it works. So, what’s the question haunting me today? I guess I’m curious as to what powers drive each of us to do what we do. We are all driven by something. What that something is depends upon who we are and our life experiences. It takes a keen eye to look upon on the things that have changed us over the course of a few years…or many years. That’s really all I have to say about it. Maybe not as many words today. But at least there were words. At least I’m alive. And at least I can make it through the day. Blessed Be.

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