Haunted By Something

In a general sense, we all seem to be VERY tired. At one point in my life I decided that I would simply catch up on the sleep that I missed in hopes that the feeling of being rested would come back. That’s hard to do when you’re living a life full of busy times and hectic events. Needless to say…I’m still tired. But what can we do? Honestly, just get as much sleep as you can.

Enough about sleep. What about the wakeful hours of the day? For someone like me who works the late shift, I don’t see much of that apart from my days off. We are all striving for something though, no matter what time of the day it is. We continue to press forward and as I like to say, that’s not a bad thing. But what about our fears in life? Do they constantly taunt us from our dreams or come from the back of our minds? Maybe I’m just sleep deprived and thinking too much. Or maybe this is all a real concept. I believe we’re all haunted by something. But we shouldn’t run from it. Instead, let’s make sure we can conquer it. Easier said than done, I know, believe me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t go ahead and try. I think what holds us back more than anything is fear. It’s being afraid of the future and what lies ahead when really we don’t know what’s going to happen. The possibilities are vast! So, go out and be you. Make the most of who you are.

Blessed Be.

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