Ghosts of Many Colors

I just love all things supernatural! No, I’m not referring to the show Supernatural…but that’s a kick ass show! I’ve decided I want to start taking my blog in a happier direction. Of course, it’s an evolving blog. Naturally, it’s going to be filled with different things from time to time that might be different than the usual rambling. But anyway…

Ghosts. Why are we so fascinated with spirits of the afterlife? Is it because we dearly hope that somehow there’s something after death? Maybe we simply can’t get enough of the mysterious? Perhaps it’s simply that ghosts are real and they’ve been in existence forever. What if it’s all of the above?

Makes no sense, I know, but bear with me.

Ghosts are real. That’s an actual fact to me. You can say they’re just figments of people’s imagination or a made up parlor trick to entertain us when we’re bored, but I know them to be real. I’ve seen them. Sometimes they show themselves in different ways. Many spirits have the ability to appear to us however they want. Bottom line, they’re real. Now that that’s out of the way I can go into more detail. Last night I had a dream about my dad. He passed away when I was two, so I don’t really have many dreams about him.

In the dream, I was led by a very unusual looking woman. She brought me to my dad’s grave and I stood a few feet away from it. She said I had been there recently. I told her that wasn’t true and she flew over to the headstone, picked up a note that was laying on it and brought it back to me. I can’t remember what the note said, but it was important. Later in the dream, my grandfather was talking about how he didn’t want to change his life. It didn’t really make sense, and it still doesn’t, but I know it was my dad’s way of trying to get something across to me. What that may be…I’m not sure, but I have strong faith in it because of my past experiences with spirits and dreams. Eventually, it will come to me when I need it to.

People don’t really think about dreams anymore. It’s slowly coming back as a tool for discovering yourself, but no one really talks about how you can speak to your loved ones through dreams. Sometimes it won’t happen yet because you’re not ready. The world is weird like that. However, eventually, something transpires. I just wanted to ramble a bit on that today and get my bit of dream out in the open. If you’re reading this and have been reading my other posts, I want you to know I highly appreciate it. This isn’t something I try do to get millions of views. I simply want to write my thoughts and send them out. That is all.

Blessed Be.

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