Quiet and Sensitive Souls

Recently I’ve had to deal with a lot. Anger, frustration, sadness, and, as always, depression. A friend of mine recently went through something very rough. She became overwhelmed by the things that were happening in her life. We talked, laughed, had a great time and finally it clicked within her mind. She finally saw that she was going to be okay. But I don’t want to talk about “being okay”. I want to communicate how important it is to have friends and family who are there for you. Whether it’s a cry for help or just someone in need, it’s important to have someone there. And if you or anyone you’ve ever known has ever been through something so terrible as a mental illness or worse, you’ll know that it’s nothing to mess around with. One minute you could be alive and the next, BAM!

It’s an amazing, scary, and terrifying thing. It scares the hell out of quite a few people, especially loved ones who have to go through it. When you’re going through something that’s quite hard to understand unless you’re going through it yourself, you can’t exactly explain with words. That’s because it’s more than that. There’s nothing okay about it. It’s just not right. So, I’m here to say that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to talk to, I’m here. ALWAYS. I don’t care who you are. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they’re not good enough…or worse.

On a side note, I feel like suicide prevention should be a more prominent cause. It’s huge right now, sure, but it needs to be bigger than that! We can’t keep telling ourselves that “someone else” is going to help someone. We have to stand up and be the ones to help others. We have to urge forward and help those who can’t help themselves in times of crisis. Even for those who aren’t quite to the point of suicide, having someone to get us through the pain is a vital piece in healing and moving forward so we can better deal with the challenges we have to face. Sure, we’re going to fail here and there. But what matters is that you’re alive. You have purpose, whether you can see it or not, and the universe wants you to live, as do all the people who love you.

Blessed Be

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