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Betrayal. It’s a word we’ve all heard before. We know what it means and how it feels. So, why do we do it? Why do we let it happen to us? We give our trust to those we think deserve it, only to have that same trust broken and beaten. Trust can’t be torn. It shatters like a mirror, falling to the ground in a million pieces. Trust and betrayal go hand in hand. There’s nothing we can do to stop it from happening. Sure, we can influence people, warn them, even try and tell them it’s not too late to turn back. But not everyone listens, and not everyone is ready to believe that the person they trust the most is capable of stabbing them in the back. I don’t think we ever anticipate something like that. It’s a cosmic cycle. He said, she said and then something happens to tear the two apart.

I’m not preaching to the choir or anything. God knows I’ve certainly had my shortcomings with betrayal and trust. I just think it’s worth mentioning that we’re always going to be going through something, and it doesn’t matter what that something is. We have to realize it for what it is and try to form something from that. We can’t live in the past, we have to move forward towards the future. Maybe I’m simply giving myself my own advice today, I’m not really sure to be honest. Either way, it deserves to be said and heard.

Betrayal is an ugly thing. It can completely ruin the life you thought you knew. At the same time, it opens the door for new possibilities…even if it does so in such a hurtful way. Sometimes to make it through to the best parts, you have to hurt a little…even a lot. And that’s okay.

Blessed Be

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