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Running From Fear

I pressed my lips hard against the whistle, but no one responded. Just around the corner of the building I could see my car, but I didn’t have my keys. The dark figure was close behind me. I could hear his footsteps as they fell one after the other against the cold pavement. I didn’t hesitate. My feet were pounding with pain and my breath was harsh. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep this up. Suddenly, he grabbed me. I struggled under the stranger’s large arms, thrashing back and forth. My tries at escape were in vain. There was nothing I could do. I remained there, struggling as he squeezed tighter with each second. I felt like I was going to pop! Suddenly, things were quiet. It was like a new world had enveloped me all together. A warm light came over me, brushing against every part of my being. Just for a second, I thought I was safe. Then, the darkness began melting back into my reality. I wasn’t free. It was a trick.

The stranger finally let go. As he did, I fell to the ground, the pavement scraping my knees and hands. I could feel the blood as it made its way down my body. When I looked up, the stranger was just standing there. Not a word to say, but the notion of murder ran cold in his eyes. He wanted me to be afraid. He wanted me dead. But not yet.

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