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It’s Probably Time to Cleanse Your Space

We have spooks in our home! It’s no secret that spirits roam about in our living space. And look, I’m all for living together in harmony, but that’s not what some of them want to do. With Halloween coming, the talk of spirits puts us on edge. You start to feel spooked!

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I think the question I get asked the most is:

How do you cleanse your home?

There are SO many methods in doing so. You just have the find the one that works for you.

For me I choose to burn white sage while praying over the sage and waving the smoke into all corners of our home. I add a few extra incantations as well. Finally, I finish it off with a protection spell. If all of that sounds kind of weird and complicated, there are different methods you can try that would make you feel more comfortable. For instance…

Holy Water

If you have some holy water that has been blessed by a priest or trusted faithful person, then you can sprinkle that around your home while adding prayers. There are many types of prayers that you can use, but pick the one you like the most.


Believe it or not, salt is very cleansing physically as well as spiritually. It’s been said that many spirits cannot cross over barriers of salt. Sprinkle some around your window seals and doorways. If you’d like you can finish with a prayer or incantation to finalize the act.


If you have black tourmaline, citrine, or fluorite, place them around your home in spots with heavy activity. These are just three of the many stones that have cleansing as well as protective energies. Personally, I use black tourmaline and amethyst quite often.


Flowers themselves have cleansing energies. You may pick whatever you like because any type of flower will work. Be sure to put them in an area used frequently. Flowers can keep peace in stressful environments as well as bring harmony and joy.


Cleaning up your space can be healing in itself. When things are cluttered and messy, so is the energy in a home.

These methods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleansing. There are so many weird and eccentric ways to cleanse something and there’s a lot of beauty in that. So, if you’re going through a haunting or you feel your home could use a good cleansing to get rid of some stagnant or negative energy, try out some cleansing methods. You’ll be glad that you did.

Everyone have a wonderful day and stay spooky!

Blessed Be )0(

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