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My Night Was Great

Emotional state: happy

Mental state: clear head

Overall, it’s been a great day and night! I can’t really complain. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened today and I can’t say that I have any worries at the moment. It’s always strange to have these “great days” because most days come with a bit of anxiety. So when good days like this do happen, it makes me a little cautious.

However, that’s a very common fear. When you’re afraid to be happy because you’re worried it will be taken from you by everyday life. It doesn’t really sound sensible, but it is something that happens, and to all sorts of people. Thankfully, it’s also something you can fight. You don’t have to let your mind worry about such things. There are steps in place to help and I take them everyday.

Just taking it day by day. That’s all any of us can really do. All I can say is, I’m thankful for family and friends. I’m not sure where I would be without them. Thank you guys.

Blessed Be )0(

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