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Don’t Work Yourself to Death

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Mental level: 8

TODAY I LEARNED: Rats, horses, and rabbits cannot vomit.

We are told all our lives that hard work is important, and while it is imperative that we maintain a job, that doesn’t mean we should work ourselves to death. Most people are working a regular 9 to 5 job that doesn’t yield many results when it comes to joy or happiness. The lack of enjoyable time can often contribute to the terrible work experience you might be going through. And while you’re working each day to bring in money, you might be bombarded with the suggestion of overtime.

Working too much is a bad thing. I know, your boss probably raves about overtime, but working too much can literally kill you. Everyone has a limit and it’s vital that we don’t push ourselves past that limit. Not only should we take care of our body for the sake of ourselves, but we should do so for those we love as well. The idea that you must slave your life away in order to be somebody important or do something important is ridiculous. You won’t make a difference in the world by overworking yourself; you will only tire yourself out. That’s fact. You can make a difference by working a normal schedule. Yes, it’s possible.

Another thing I have a problem with is when someone tells you that playing video games, watching movies, or just doing something relaxing is a “waste of time”. If you enjoy doing something, don’t let someone tell you that it is a waste in any shape or form. If it makes you happy, it isn’t a waste of time so enjoy yourself and do what you want to do. Granted we should still work, but we need to relax as well. We are human, and we can only work for so long. Just a few days ago I learned of a country where most people work four days a week and are off three. That’s they’re standard and it’s hard to believe due to our current work styles. I think we could all use a break; especially those of us who live in the United States. So, if you haven’t taken the chance to just stop and do nothing, try that and see how much your life improves. It’s well worth the effort, I promise.

Blessed Be )O(

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