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New Year, New Struggles

Emotional level: 4

Mental level: 6

TODAY I LEARNED: During the 1950’s, the USA considered detonating a nuclear bomb on the Moon.


Every year we face new battles within ourselves. Whether it’s the strain of a marriage, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a home. These are just three examples in the vast amount of issues that we all deal with each year. For us, this year comes with pain due to the loss of our cat, Jinx. I’ve been trying to keep my head up because I know that he’s somewhere safe where he will never be harmed, and he will never hurt, but it’s proving to be difficult. We are starting a new year with some loss and grief.

A lot of things happened in 2018 both good and bad. I could sit here and type out all the things that happened but instead I’ll say this.

It’s hard to imagine that you can start fresh after everything you’ve done in life. But despite what people say, it IS possible no matter your situation. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past. You can be a better person if you want to be. No one can hold you back from that. At one point in my life, I thought things were never going to be the same. I paced back and forth in my mind, trying to find the answers. It turns out I didn’t really need anything. I had everything I needed to change myself. And all you need is yourself. That’s it.

Anyway, enough rambling. It’s been a long day (night), and I am very tired. Despite the painful events I’ve been through this year, I can say that it will get better. It has to.

Happy New Year, everyone! May it be merry and full of light!

Blessed Be )O(

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