Take A Break – You Deserve It

Emotional level: 6

Mental level: 6

TODAY I LEARNED: 65% of the highways in Germany (Autobahn) have no speed limit.

Today I feel tired, but good. I decided to take a break from writing. Honestly all I’ve wanted to do these past few days is write, but I held out and it was well worth it. They say that you have to write daily if you want to be a great writer, but we can’t always write every single day. We are human and we need breaks. Honestly, I’m glad I took the break. I needed it and it refreshed my mind and even gave me new inspiration for new blog posts and articles.

In regards to the future, lately I feel so unsure. I have to remind myself that the future isn’t set in stone. Being present in the moment is something I struggle with. Truthfully, it’s something that we all struggle with and with good reason. The world we live in is full of busy, bustling chaos. Very rarely do we stop to simply be and appreciate our lives. We rarely stop to “smell the roses.”

If you’re unsure about your life and the future you’re trying to strive towards, remember that to live in the moment is to be fully yourself. All we really have is the present, and that present should be lived. Take a moment to meditate each day, just ten minutes. This helps to bring yourself back in the moment. Stop worrying about the past and the future and just be. Sit quietly, be calm, block the noise of the world, and feel the peace within yourself. Most importantly, take time to care for yourself.

Because of the busy lives we live, just doing nothing sounds crazy. Just sitting in one place and doing nothing? The very thought can give you anxiety. But doing so really does help…I promise. Try it out. Give meditation and self-awareness a chance. It really helps me and I feel like it could help someone else as well.

Blessed Be )O(

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