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3 Simple Self Care Tips

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I don’t think I can stress enough just how important it is that you take care of yourself first. I’m sure that sounds selfish in retrospect, but truthfully, it’s not.


We’ve been taught to believe that caring for others is the right thing. According to most of the adults growing up, we were to be selfless. That’s all fine and well until you push yourself and forget to take care of the person that matters most in your life. You.

It’s true that selfishness to a harsh degree isn’t ideal, however, you still need to take care of yourself.

Self care isn’t selfish in the slightest. By taking care of yourself first, you ensure you are in tip top shape to continue your life and help others as well. Without helping yourself first, you can’t properly help others.

Kindness and generosity are two qualities that come from light filled places inside us, but when we’ve neglected ourselves and put our own needs on the backburner for too long, it becomes harder and harder to bring those qualities to the surface.

Hence why we should always look out for our own health first.

When I say health, I mean more than just physical. Mental and emotional health both matter just as much as physical health. All three go hand in hand when it comes to feeling 100%.

Mental health above all else is the one I’ve struggled with most of my life. Every day, I push through the effects of depression and ADHD. It’s not easy…but it’s not impossible.

If you find yourself struggling with self care, try these 3 simple tips. They’re beginnings that can put you in the right mindset and help you to have a better outlook on the things you need to take care of.

TAKE A MOMENT AND BREATHE. Yes, simply take deep breaths. Find a nice quiet place, wherever you are right now and just breathe. Bring your mind into the moment, away from thoughts of the past or future.

REALIGN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PURPOSE. Bring yourself back to a good place by replacing bad thoughts with good ones. Remember why you started doing what you do and listen to its purpose.

REMEMBER THAT YOUR PRIMARY CONCERN IS YOUR OWN HEALTH. Not your job, people, places, or objects. You. It’s you who matters and you have to remember that.

You. Do. Matter. Remind yourself of this however many times you need.

Sometimes all you need is a bump in the right direction. Hopefully these few tips help you to get to a starting point. Self care isn’t easy and it’s certainly not what many people are used to, but it’s necessary.

Think about you and what you want. Think about the things that make YOU happy. Try to remember who you are and why you are doing the things you do. Then, slowly, but surely, things will get better again. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Blessed Be )O(

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