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Emotional level: 6

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: A teaspoon of a neutron star would weigh 6 billion tons! Holy shit!


Today I had to deal with a very…VERY rude lady. For some reason it reminded me that I had a plan at one point and it’s about time I followed through with it. That plan involves ghosts, interesting places, and many other experiences.

There’s going to be more posts about ghost hunting, especially. Also get ready for videos as well! I can’t give an exact date but the entire process is in the works and I’m really excited about the new things to come.

There are a couple local places I would love to explore and I’ll give more on that in the future!

Personally I believe in spirits that linger on the other side. I’ve had many personal experiences involving spirits and other entities. I would love to experience more and share those experiences on here.

I’m still going to be blogging about mental health and such so it will be a mash up of topics in the upcoming days. I’ll have more tomorrow. I hope everyone has an amazing day! Remember to take care of yourself. 😊


Blessed Be )O(

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