November Is Here

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 8

TODAY I LEARNED: The brain is our fattiest organ, being composed of nearly 60% fat.

The 11th month is upon us! We’ve almost come full circle. It’s been around four months since I last posted. I’ve learned a lot since then. It’s hard to keep up a schedule when you don’t believe in it.

November means so much to me and not just because it’s so close to October. This special and cold month brings many wonderful things. The crisp cold of the air as well as the approaching snow sends me into a frenzy of excitement. I truly love the colder months. I certainly do not hate the warmer times, but there is just something clean and purifying about this time of year. The air can be still…or blow with a fierce and ice piercing chill.

But what does November bring? For many of us, it’s colder days and nights. Accompanied by these frigid evenings are introspection, self reflection, and delving into ourselves to connect with our spirituality on a deeper level. Practicing divination is always a great option as well, considering the time of year. Spirits are closer to the living while the veil is thin. It’s a time to spread out our hopes and dreams and push forward, as always.

So, what have I been doing?

I have established a daily meditation routine, connected with my witchcraft on a deeper level, received some sound and much needed advice from a spiritual light worker/intuitive, and last, but not at all least, brought myself into the present moment by slowing down and focusing on the here and now. I would say…this is the hardest part to practice, especially in our world.

I’ve also been trying my best to appreciate nature more and allow myself to let go. It’s a hard struggle and at times, life has been severe, but I’m working through all of that. It’s a practice, like anything else in life and when you take time to practice throughout the day, small moments can go a long way.

I’m going to be taking my blog in a new direction. My topics you all have grown so used to will still make an appearance, but I want to bring a deeper focus to my daily life, what I do, and what I am thankful for. It’s something I feel I can truly express and there will, of course, be more pictures to come. I promised an increase of adventures in the past, and that’s exactly what I plan to deliver on as well.

Bit of advice: Do what you can right now. Don’t put it off for tomorrow…but don’t overdo it either. I needed to hear this advice and I hope, somewhere out there, someone else can benefit from it as well. May you all have a lovely day.

Blessed Be )O(

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