Travel Bug

Emotional level: 5

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: A lot of people around the world eat bugs as part of their diet.

I feel drained. My patience has been tested today. It’s like taking a long string and fraying it until there is a single thread left. That’s how thin my patience was. But I pushed through it. I found out a lot about my patience and how far I’m willing to go when it comes to keeping the peace. People don’t always see things the same way, so when another viewpoint comes into play, it can be a struggle to get through your day.

I am TRULY exhausted…but I’ve been thinking a lot today. My mind has been focused on the area I live in and the people that inhabit it. Being gay in the south is not an ideal situation. Throw in witchcraft, and you have a large pallet of judgement that can be thrown your way, with few people in between who really understand you.

So, all this thinking begs the question…why haven’t I moved away yet? Is it due to financial issues? Probably not, because I have had multiple chances to save the money. Could it be the longing of family? Maybe. But a very influential reason is the magic of the mountains. It calls to me like the ocean, but in a different way.

There are parts to my story of life that I have yet to encounter. But I feel as though I want a taste of the rest of the world. Something calls to me from the unknown. It’s a need to wander. A deep desire that has been calling to me for quite some time, and I feel as though it is time for me to take that on.

I don’t have definite plans just yet…but I will be figuring that out along the way. One of my dreams has always been to have a travel blog. Maybe that is where I will start. Perhaps I will find a trip to take, not long from now. All I know is that this calling, deep inside me, needs to be met with satisfaction. Some people are happy living their lives in one place and…I’m still trying to figure out if that’s me.

If I’m being entirely honest…it truly isn’t.

I will have to give myself time to truly scope out these feelings and figure out what it all means. It could be that my travels somehow take me elsewhere, in the gaming universe or perhaps even television. Who really knows at this point? I do know that my next steps must be taken in an honest fashion. I don’t want to do anything that is swayed by anyone else’s opinion. I want it to be entirely my own decision.

Awhile back I heard a story about people who loved to wander. They travelled because it brought them happiness. They enjoyed never being in one place, and that is beautiful to me. I could roam the streets of Paris, take a tour of Rome, visit a fancy winery somewhere in France, and even embrace my inner otaku in Japan! The possibilities are…practically endless.

That’s the beauty of this world. There’s magic to be found wherever we are. So, what is my next step? I will have to wait and see…

Bit of Advice: Think before you speak.

Blessed Be )O(

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