Pushing Past The Blah’s

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This being my first blog post, I thought I was going to start off with a happy note. However, happy notes weren’t on my mind when I made the decision to start this blog. It was emotions such as grief and sadness. The effects of loss, betrayal, heartbreak, and depression had a major part to play as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about happy topics, but sometimes life takes different turns and the bad parts of life start to show. And with all the events currently happening in my life, I have been struck with an inspiration to write.

Many people have a hard time talking about the bad bits of life, while others find it very easy to express their hardships and trials through whatever means necessary. Whether it be blogging, writing, drawing, painting, or singing, there are many ways one can express themselves. I can’t say I have found just one sure way to try and express how I’m feeling. For me, it always seems to be different crafts for different emotions. While feeling low, I find myself wanting to write about it or make it into a story. Other times I’m left with a strong desire to draw it out on a piece of paper.

So many ways to express ourselves and yet, we seem to drive ourselves crazy with trying to get it just right. Trying to find that one word that will indefinitely describe how we are feeling or trying to find that right moment in a drawing or painting to capture our hearts. It’s almost madness, but it’s glorious madness. Feeling all of these things so deeply and trying to place it in the world giving it form. I find this madness, if you permit it to be so, my outlet of sorts. There are some, however, that don’t have an outlet of sorts. Keeping all emotions bottled inside until everything bursts at the seams.

Not everyone expresses themselves, this much I realize, but in my opinion, without these outlets, it could drive one insane, and I have a feeling many people would agree. So, my question is this: How does one get through the blah’s of life? I think it’s the multiple versions of outlets available, giving us many opportunities to express our madness.

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