Money Hungry USA

With the new Powerball jackpot finally hitting over a billion dollars, it becomes terribly apparent that money is truly the one thing that seems to rule the world as well as our daily lives. Many people wonder if we have all lost our values. Personally, I believe that the value of something is always on the mind of most individuals. However, the value isn’t upon becoming a better person. Nowadays, it’s all about winning with the most toys and creating a fantasy world that he who has the most is happiest. It’s becoming a dire need that we all create a world in which the value of an item can’t compare to the value of love, respect, care, and other things in life that really matter to us. Love is something that has become vacant in most people’s hearts. We need to rise up and create a world where the value of the heart matters more than the value of a smartphone, car, television, etc. However, that’s easier said than done.

Change comes from multiple individuals gathering together to create a difference. It isn’t something that can happen over night, but change is definitely something that’s possible. If we all gathered together and really looked at what truly matters, money wouldn’t matter as much. The change that’s needed is the change that can’t come fast enough. Can we still save ourselves? Are we truly treating the planet the way it needs to be treated?

Although we are separated by many things such as race, religion, and language, we are all human beings and we can all make a difference by uniting together. Of course, hate, anger, and fear all separate us, allowing the darkness that has taken hold of many countries to destroy us and place us in a position that forces us to make decisions that we would otherwise oppose. Only one question remains. Are we too late to save ourselves?

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