A Country in Pain

First, let me start by saying that these are my opinions. I don’t claim to be anything but a person with good intentions; a human being who cares about what happens to this country and the people. With that being said, I believe things are about to take a turn for the worst, long before they can get better.

People are no doubt already noticing that Trump’s actions as president have caused many devastating situations and some would even argue death. But where do we go from here? Is there something that the universe is supposed to be telling us? Are we meant to be learning something from such a hateful, selfish, and power hungry man? Perhaps he will show us exactly what we are not supposed to be. But then an important question is begged. Don’t we already know better? He isn’t the only one in power who is corrupt. There exists so many people who are leading this country in the wrong direction and they have been in office for quite some time.

The workings of history are here for a reason. The past is our guide map to help us make sure we do not repeat the same mistakes twice. Even the history of other countries shows us what we do not want to become. So it has been said many times…again and again. Maybe we haven’t really learned anything. Perhaps the country needs a better wake up call; something that isn’t really in the form of a president or a person of political status. I don’t really know what that something may be. However, I do know this.

Our country is going downhill and it seems to be going faster than we would like. With each passing day, it seems as though something new shows its face and decides to wreak havoc. When I say these things, I don’t just mean Trump. I’m talking about all of the issues in our country. All the dark parts that make up the bad.

With so much darkness in the world, it’s hard to see the light when it does shows up. We’re currently a country divided. Sure, it’s been that way for a long time, but we aren’t living in the past. We are living in the here and now. This is the time for change.

I admit…before all of these current events came into being, I was rather polite with my opinions. I didn’t think that expressing so fully and without restriction was a necessary feat. Now, I’m inclined to say that we have to make our voices heard. Those who want to stand against violence, hate, rage, bigotry, and so many other causes and beliefs. We are broken and we have been shattered. But it’s time to pick up the pieces. We can be one whole country again. I believe it’s possible.

Some of you may not think that this article will do much. But honestly I beg to differ. The world is full of good people, and I refuse to believe that it’s necessary for the bad to win. Good can win and good always wins in the end. We may have to walk on broken glass, but that will make us stronger, giving us the strength we need in order to truly fight our way to the top and win. This isn’t a fight for glory or power. It’s a fight for us to begin again and make a start; one that will truly make a difference.

And for those of who you are unsure about which side to choose….you don’t have to pick a side. I don’t. I believe that there are good things Trump can do as well as bad. I believe that both Republicans and Democrats have terrible attributes as well as good. I don’t believe in this divide we have as a country and that’s simply how I feel about it. Together we can move forward and advance…but remaining separated and apart…we are left to fend for ourselves. A divided people.

So, I ask again. Where do we go from here?

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