We All Have Struggles

It’s important to remember that we all have something we struggle with. Maybe the nasty pit known as depression seems to get you down when you least expect it. The sadness comes out of nowhere and sometimes you feel nothing at all. It’s that lonely bit or whatever you may be going through, that really takes its toll on us. But without it, our strengths would cease to be as strong as they are. No one ever said life was going to be easy. We’re just here to do our best…even if that means just getting out of bed for the day. It may seem like an everyday thing to most people, but if you’ve been down in the dumps unable to really pull yourself out of bed, it’s an amazing feat to be able to get up and really try to be happy. We shouldn’t hate on someone for how big or small their steps may be. Because everyone is walking a journey we know nothing about.

But always remember it’s those trying times that will be worth it during our good times. The nasty bits give us perspective that life isn’t always glorious…but it could ALWAYS get worse and it helps us to develop our important attributes. This may all seem like fluff, and some days it feels that way for sure…but there is hope no matter where you are. We all have a light inside of us that will never go out. It’s there, never fading and no one can snuff it out. It may dwindle from time to time, but it’s never really gone. Believe that and know it to be true, because it is.

We fight everyday to keep this light going and all these fights are different. They remain a constant reminder that we are all here for a purpose and we must find what that purpose is. Sometimes we can’t see in the dark when the light feels so far away and if that’s the case, by all means, dwell in the dark for awhile. Just don’t stay there too long because that’s when the really bad stuff happens. Of course we all end up there for too long some time or another, but that’s okay because eventually, we pull ourselves out, only to find that light once more. Life is a roller coaster. It tics by every second with every breath. Up and down is how it will go and up and down is how it has been. In other words, nothing stays the same. Everything changes and it’s a good thing indeed. Because without change they’re can be no improvement…and that’s what we need the most…improvement. Always.

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