It’s been a rough few days but I’m finally back to writing. I’m still sick, but we must endure, which is why I wanted to make this blog post. This may just be a daily blog where I get my thoughts out there, but I don’t expect it to sky rocket into a whirlwind of popularity. The sole reason I decided to start this up again was because I needed an outlet. One that would allow me to get everything out that needed out…and then some. And while it may be personal, I also want my actions of getting my thoughts out there to help someone else as well. It helps us to see that we aren’t alone in a lot of aspects, and I want that to help another person. I hope that my words touch another person’s soul and they think wow, I can relate.

Anyway, back to the main topic. I feel like I’ve been run over by a tractor trailer. My sinuses are crazy and don’t even get me started on the cough. But the most important thing out of this entire situation is that I’ve managed to suck it up, at least for today, and write. I recently did a personal reading and the first card that popped up was endurance. It made sense, considering how sick I am and how I’ve been pushing through, but it reminded me that it’s these types of things that really help us grow stronger. They also make us thankful for when we are feeling good and healthy. As I always say, the nasty bits are the reminders that things could always be worse. Sometimes it makes me think…why? Is all of this really worth the struggle? Do we really have to keep pushing forward day after day? The answer is YES. As my grandmother always says, it’s better than the alternative, and if you don’t keep going, you’ll never see the change that’s coming around the corner. It could be the final turning point in your life that brings the healing you need, but if you cut it short, you’ll never get to experience it. The future does matter. Our lives matter. YOU matter. And yes, there’s always something coming around the corner. Never doubt that.

I’ve probably went on a longer rant than I was intending, but I got it all out there, and that’s what counts. I don’t care if people think what I’m doing is silly or stupid. If you have something you’re able to do that helps you without hurting someone else, do it. It doesn’t matter what people think. If it heals, helps, or mends those broken pieces, do it anyway. Because it never matters what other people think, only what you think. Like my mom says… “You’re the person you have to live with for the rest of your life. So make it worth it.”

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