Believing in Yourself

I wasn’t going to write about this today…but something changed my mind. There’s quite a lot to be said about believing in yourself and the capacity of your own being. The rule seems to be that if we can believe in something, we can do it. I have always believed that through our hardest trials, we find this to be true. Not because it simply takes hard work, but after believing and seeing that things can happen when you believe in yourself, it somehow opens the right door for your life. Somewhere inside yourself, a light shines that hasn’t been shining for quite some time. You start to see things you couldn’t before and life begins anew. This can happen in many different forms, obviously. One example is my writing. For the longest time, I didn’t feel like I was good enough to be a writer. Little did I know, I had the talent resting within me. The only thing that was holding me back was the belief I didn’t have it. It’s amazing how our minds work. Until life throws you something so different, you don’t see how much things can really change.

A lot of people believe that we are all born with a purpose. I’m one of those believers, but I don’t think that fact should put pressure on anyone. We find our purposes by being ourselves and following our hearts. That’s just how it is. Sure, there are many other technical steps required, but at the base of all of them are those two facts. We remain on a dedicated track…whatever it may be, no matter how old we are. By letting ourselves believe we can’t do something, we limit our purpose in a very terrible way. That’s not to say we can’t come back from it, but each hit makes the return that much harder. We push and pull in our every day lives…only to come to a sudden abrupt stop and realize something amazing. Either you are where you want to be, or you still don’t know. Either is okay, so long as you don’t linger forever in the unsure zone. I’ve seen too many friends not pursue their dreams all because they couldn’t make sky high dollars, be what they want to be in the blink of an eye, or get out of their current situation. They’re simply stuck and don’t think they can get out. We are raised from birth to practically pursue anything that will make more money.

I was lucky in the fact that I was raised with a loving family who always told me to do what I love. I was never pressured into any type of job and I can’t imagine anyone being bullied or pushed into a certain role all because that’s what their parents want them to be. It seems maddening and crazy…so why do they do it? Many reasons are abound, but above all else, follow your heart, believe that you can do whatever you want, and then go out and find what you’re meant to be! Most importantly, believe in yourself, and never forget that you are capable of amazing things and the world can still be a beautiful place.

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