Image via: Destination America

The Ghost of Roaring Fork??

As you make your way through the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains, you take in a breath of fresh air. The cold mountain mist dusts against your nostrils and you feel at ease. There’s nothing like a nice long hike or a simple stroll through the woods. Suddenly you freeze. A faint noise catches your attention. Is there something rustling in the leaves? Perhaps it’s just one of the squirrels or birds you’ve seen so much of. Maybe it’s the drip of the morning dew falling from a leaf. Or maybe it isn’t simply nature. Maybe it’s the call of a spirit, beckoning you to listen. One of these ghostly apparitions could be Lucy. She has been seen on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee by quite a few visitors. While it’s not clear how many people have seen her, it’s a well known legend to the locals. Ask any local supernatural enthusiast about Lucy and you are sure to be riddled with tales. I’m planning on going there, to see if I can spot her myself. Also, I’m writing an article that will detail her history and such. Stay tuned!

Blessed Be



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