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Throwing Expectation to the Wind

We can’t always get what we want. That’s the sad truth. So what’s the point of it all? I say throw your caution and expectation to the wind! Let your mind soar with any and all possibilities that serve you for the greater good. I seem to let expectation ruin a lot of my inside ventures. It’s always something accompanied with doubt or fear and honestly I don’t need any of that. Neither do you. None of us benefit from doubting ourselves. We can make the most of our lives by believing we can do it and putting our minds to it. Apply yourself. Give self discipline a try.

So why did I pick this to rant about today? I’m not sure. It just felt right. It’s not easy to push yourself everyday, but you do it anyway. When life makes things harder, we have to hit back with even more force. It just seems like we can’t catch a break. With all the things in the world not turning out how we want them to, there comes a time where you have to stop expecting things to be a certain way. It can’t always be a set motion. Life is about change, and getting into the groove of that is important. We can’t let fear and doubt cloud our minds. We have to tell ourselves we’re worth it and that somewhere inside of us, even on our darkest days, we have what it takes to persevere through anything.

So, if you’re having trouble molding the world to how you expect it to be, try taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Things aren’t always what they seem and life doesn’t have to be a “certain way.” That’s just something they teach us while growing up. Life can be anything you want it to be. You determine what is normal, not the world. Besides, we’re all freaks in some way or another. You might as well embrace who you are. Otherwise, how are you really going to be happy?

Blessed Be )0(

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