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Ghost Complications

Well, you know how things sometimes don’t go as planned? This ghost adventure certainly didn’t, but that’s okay because it turned out that hanging out with some very awesome people ended up being even better! So, without further delay, here’s the details on what happened and why I don’t have any footage to show for it:

As we made our way up the road to the familiar Roaring Fork driving trail, the air was static with something strange. Right before we’re about to turn down the road, which is one way until the end, we stopped the car. Something just didn’t feel right. My friends and boyfriend all agreed that the energy wasn’t good. After a few moments of trying to decide, we ended up turning around. While we were making these choices, my phone wouldn’t stop recording. I tried to get it to quit and when I did, it closed out. When I tried to find the video, it was gone. All of it. So, was it the ghost? Maybe a strange energy of some sort? We don’t really know, but we did end up going to White Oak Flats Cemetery. There’s nothing to report from that venture except slight feelings of sadness, possibly left over from grieving people who visit the cemetery.

After everything was said and done, it ended up being a wonderful day and night with my boyfriend and two friends. It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but we will be going back. I’m not sure with who but that’s going to happen next Wednesday! So be looking forward to that! Till then, we’ll see what other ghostly things we can get ourselves into! 😉

Blessed Be )0(

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