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Is Silent Hill Done for Good?

Let me be clear about something. I absolutely LOVE the Silent Hill franchise. I love the games, movies, and even the weird casino game that will eventually be released with Silent Hill lore. There will probably never be a time when I don’t love this entire series, but there’s a few questions on every Silent Hill fan’s mind. Are they done making games? Will the movies continue or turn into something new? Lastly, will the Silent Hill name live on in itself or will it be turned into something completely new?

These questions haunt us and with good reason. With Konami staying silent on further gaming titles, it seems to a lot of people that the gaming company is pretty much done with the series. There is of course a new casino game coming out, but the release hasn’t been announced. Even so, it’s a gambling game and not an official video game. The tortured truth is that we won’t have any answers for a very long time.

Personally, I don’t believe that the franchise is dead. You can call it false hope or whatever you want, but I think a game will find its way to our screens sooner than expected. The wait does make sense after Kojima split from Konami, however he seems to be using his time wisely with Death Stranding which should be an amazing game! Although I still want Silent Hills….

I think we’ll always have something to question when it comes to Konami, but the future of Silent Hill doesn’t have to include them. Sure you have the branding and legal deals but besides that, Silent Hill could go a long way in itself. Of course they would need a great company willing to shoulder the new era of it all, but it’s completely possible. Ultimately, I’m a patient person and I’m willing to wait for something new and exciting! I have faith they will continue somehow, someway. Only time will tell. I’m just one person, one fan, but I can’t be the only one who keeps holding onto hope.

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