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A New Year Is Nearing

Emotional level: 8

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: Peanuts can be used to make dynamite.

The time for New Year’s resolutions is upon us and I feel like I’m unsure about what I want to improve upon this coming year. There will be new challenges and struggles, but I feel confident I can overcome them. Like I said in my previous post, I know we will be able to get through it. There’s just something about the vibe of 2019 and it’s not even here yet. It will be wonderful.

I can’t help but feel so appreciative of all the people in my life and the gifts we received during our Christmas family get-together yesterday. It was so much fun and I’m very thankful to have them in my life. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we should be thankful for and honestly it always comes down to the small things…or what we consider small. Just the simple fact that there is a roof over my head is something I should be tremendously grateful for. I think it’s ideal to be thankful. Because there are people out there in the world who have nothing…literally nothing. They walk the streets everyday in hopes of a meal and I just can’t imagine that kind of life. I would never want that for myself or anyone.

They say there is always something to be thankful for and I completely agree with that statement. We all have something in our lives that we can thank the stars for, even if it’s the smallest thing in your life. So, I’m just taking the time to count my blessings today. I love my family, friends, and all those I have yet to meet and cherish. Hug someone today and tell them you love them. You never know when your words or even your smile will heal a person or make someone’s day. 🙂

Blessed Be )O(

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