Autumn’s Blessings & Other Ramblings

Emotional level: 8

Mental level: 8

TODAY I LEARNED: Until about 1500, autumn was just called “harvest.”


This is my favorite time of year. I’m in love with the leaves changing colors. The cool, brisk breeze brings me back to better times. I love Summer and swimming in rivers and oceans…but there’s a certain peace and calm to Fall, that you can’t get out of any other season. Even Spring, with its cool temperatures and blooming life, doesn’t really compare in my opinion. It won’t be long before we are touched by Winter in its cool and cleansing nature.

Speaking of cleansing, I’ve been doing a lot of my own lately. We saged the apartment a couple days ago and boy…did we need it. All of the stagnant energy from these busy and scary times had settled around in dark corners and low vibrations are not something I want hanging around the place we are meant to feel the safest.

Old memories have been resurfacing lately. I feel as though its due to the times. Not only is Fall an ideal time to break off things that no longer serve you, it also brings tidings of things long lost. This allows us to deal with our issues, and decide whether or not these things are worth keeping in our lives. I have to admit, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

It feel so weird to have things change with each year. I guess weird isn’t really the right word. A better one would be…transformative. Like butterflies, we cocoon ourselves and shed our old skins with each passing year.

A few days ago we ventured deep into the woods to get a taste of the inevitable arrival of Autumn. Along the way we captured some really great pics that show nature is moving forward, whether we acknowledge it or not. That’s the thing about nature…it keeps going regardless of what anyone else thinks. I’d like to think I live life the same way. Just following my heart and not worrying about what everyone else is doing. It’s my own path after all…

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. Life will do that to you until you find a way to navigate yourself back to…well, yourself. I’m admiring and appreciating my creative flow a lot better now. Things feel different and it’s a good different. I can’t say I would rather feel anything other than wonderful. Good vibes and good times are always welcome. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do.

I am so very excited to see what comes next. There are so many updates, events, changes, and exciting new experiences just waiting around the corner this year. I hope and pray that life will improve, not just for me but for the rest of the world. We have been faced with such hardships due to COVID and other detrimental moments.

As they say, death in its completion is easy. It’s life that’s hard. And boy do we have a lot to trek through. But I believe in us. I still hold out hope for humanity…even on the days I hate the general public.

Halloween is approaching and yet again, the veil thins. We are that much closer to those who have passed. We may commune with them in our own ways. Halloween makes me feel happy, but that happiness is tinged with a bit of sadness around its edges. This time of year always makes me miss those that have passed just a bit more. My loved ones will never be forgotten. I’ll always make sure of that.

There’s something entirely special about Halloween that can’t be matched. The creepy vibes, and stories told throughout the world about this spooky time. It’s not even October yet and I’m entirely here for it. Really though…I’m always up for Halloween. With each gust of wind pulling up the leaves from the road, comes a sense of mystery and wonder. The darkness appeals to me…

Speaking of darkness, I have been embracing darker parts of myself by accepting both dark and light. It’s something many people practice in their craft. Commonly called shadow work. But man…it’s tough. It’s not something you should try if you’re going through a rather stressful time. And if you suffer from any type of mental health issues, definitely monitor yourself closely with it. Shadow work can really bring up things that don’t tend to feel great. BUT…It DOES help.

I’m feeling somewhat disconnected lately, so I think the next thing for me is to pursue more passion, fire, and love. To navigate towards my adventures. Take more pictures, experience more of every day life, and spend time with those I truly care about. I would like to make my life more about enjoying it. So, here’s to new adventures! Peace and love be with you all.

Life advice: Your best is enough. You don’t have to give anymore that. ❤


Blessed Be )O(

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