Break ups are a rough ordeal. Probably one of the hardest things one can experience as far as emotional pain. But how much is really enough until you finally break because of the opposition between a couple? I can’t express how many friends have come to me after a breakup. They want comfort or just to vent about it. Here lately I’ve been hearing a lot about some of my friends and their breakups and it all brings up memories of my past. I’ve been through some terrible breakups and things didn’t always go as planned, but somehow, I always found a way to get through anything. Isn’t it a shock, though, when the couple you thought would be together forever, breaks it off for good? You never anticipate it. Which, I guess no one really anticipates being broken up with unless the signs are there. One thing is for sure though. It always helps to have your friends there for you while going through a breakup.

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