Hope For An Afterlife

For those who, by chance, do not know, a ghost is an apparition of a dead person that can be seen by the living. And while we all have our local ghost stories that we have grown up with, the very mention of these apparitions goes back farther than you might think. For many long years, the belief that we live on after death has been held by ancient civilizations all over the world. For the Mesopotamians, Greeks, Egyptians, and many others, this belief once reigned so true that various rituals and ceremonies were held in order to honor or help the dead throughout the afterlife. These rituals and ceremonies were regarded as very sacred and often performed for multiple reasons. However, no one truly knows when ghosts were first mentioned. There are many stories from the past about ghosts in China, Japan and civilizations which I mentioned earlier, but none that claim to be the origin story. Although, an origin story of someone passing to the other side into an afterlife is rather difficult to pinpoint, simply because the belief of life after death is something that has been around for such a very long time.


We do know, however, that the belief in the spirit world is something that is very prominent throughout our present day; so much so that ghost hunts, TV shows, books, and a multitude of other things have made their way into the world and at a very fast pace. Some individuals would ask, why have stories of ghosts and ghost hunting become such a popular thing? Personally, I would put the reasoning behind our constant curiosity for the mysterious, a drive that pushes us to try and discover the unknown, as well as the want to speak with someone who has already passed. The latter of the three mentioned is perhaps the most popular reason for wanting to believe in life after death, and around the 1800’s this was actually something that was considered very common, unlike other supernatural endeavors at the time. Perhaps the belief in an afterlife comes from a fear of loneliness after death. However, in my opinion, there are plenty of experiences in life one can go through that proves an afterlife.

The biggest influence that the belief in ghosts have on our society today seems to be through popular movies and TV shows; ghosts have easily become a major popular theme throughout the years. However, for those of us who believe in life after death, our reasons for wanting to contact the dead are varied. What about you?

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