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More Adventures

I should really take a dose of my own medicine. I titled this blog post with the intention to inspire change and go on more trips. Really it’s something I need to be doing as well. We all have our comforts in life. We choose whether or not those comforts define us by how much we travel or how much we step out the front door. Granted there are those who can’t go very far due to health issues and such. Ask yourself something. Have I become stuck in a safety rut? A safety rut is something that happens when you become too comfortable in your own position. You probably hate change and you don’t want anything to switch up at the last minute. All this is fine until it starts affecting who you are on the inside.

I had to ask myself this question multiple times in the past few days. All because I’ve been doubting some of my ventures. I’ve noticed that each day comes with new risks and responsibilities. Without taking some chances, you’ll never get to where you want to be. I feel like I’m on the right track. I can’t say that I won’t falter again, but that’s part of life. We all make mistakes. But we get back up and keep on going. But what you should really be doing is having more adventures. Get out more. Go to places you’ve never been, even if it’s not that far away. It doesn’t take a road trip to have an eventful adventure. That’s what makes adventure so livable. It’s one of the best outlets, but we also have fun doing it. So go out, be you, and find yourself an adventure! You never know what’s waiting around the corner!

Blessed Be 🙂

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