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It’s Weird…

Isn’t it strange how many things we remember from so long ago when we’re sleep deprived? I’ve been having so many memories pop up in my mind. They’re things I completely forgot about and yet there they are, dragging themselves to the surface like zombies from a tomb. Memories are funny things. They’re all connected and jumbled in our mind just waiting to be remembered and yet we forget.

Emotional state: happy but sleepy

Mental state: …tired, just tired

I can’t wait for Halloween. I’m going to be doing so many new things this year. It’s going to be great! Ghost hunts, Halloween food, and the decorations. I’m crazy about Halloween. And you can bet I’ll be writing about ALL of it! 😉

This is also the time of year when the spooks come out to play, and I don’t just mean in the movies. The veil is thinner the closer we get to Halloween. Many witches and Wiccans know it as Samhain. But as always, it’s a time to reflect on those we have lost and pay tribute to their lives on Earth as well as their spirits.

It’s definitely getting closer. Weird things have been happening. It starts out small. Sometimes it’s just a flicker of the lights. Then, slowly, the spirits become more active. They start showing themselves to those who are willing to see them.

So, if you get a chance, gather with your family or friends sometime this month and honor those who are no longer with us physically. You can even do it alone. Just talk about them, meditate, listen, see. They’re there with you. All you have to do is listen.

Some people don’t believe in an afterlife and I pity them. The evidence is there. It’s not physical like most things in this world, but it’s something that can be felt and sometimes heard. There are small things that mattered to you when that person was alive. It’s the things you never thought you would miss and they pop up now and again. That’s your loved ones communicating with you.

I’ll be writing an article that goes more in depth on this so keep an eye out! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Happy Halloween 2nd!!!

Blessed Be )0(

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