Emotional level: 5

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: The need to stay in bed all day is called ‘Clinomania.’
I recently read a book about how technology can take over our lives and make us different. Honestly I beg to differ, but I did see where they were coming from. If we’re not careful, technology can take us over in the worst way. That’s something I understand. But you know what they say… Everything in moderation.

These past two days have been spent reflecting and taking a break. Both were much needed for me to move forward with my life. Sometimes I sit here wondering what the hell I’m gonna do. Then, I remember that I have a plan. It’s inevitable that we’re going to doubt ourselves, but as long as we remember “the plan” or our road long paved, we can find ourselves again.

It’s been a very long week. A lot has happened and I can’t wait to start a new week. At least people have been kind lately…that’s a plus. Some days it seems like people are pure evil and it makes me question why I get out of bed…but then there are days like these. The days where kindness comes in bouts of love and understanding.

It’s been hard lately. It’s true, I could have it so much worse, but the little things always try to tear you down. Even if you feel like you have everything you could ever want, that nagging emptiness comes to gnaw at you. Things will get better….they will.

Blessed Be )O(

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