Try Some Meditation

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 8

TODAY I LEARNED: Cotton candy was invented by a dentist.


I am happy. Today is much better than yesterday. There’s no time to wallow in the past. I have things to do, places to be, words to write, and people to see. While I’m excited about feeling re-energized, I can’t help but remember that a lot of stress comes along with that excitement. Isn’t it weird how many of us are working and waiting for our days off? I think everyone can relate to that. But until you can get that job that you want or the life you want, just try living in the moment.

Forget the past and forget the future for a while. Just be here, now. I promise the world will still be here. Bringing yourself into the current moment helps bring perspective to your mind. It also helps you clear away some of the goopy thoughts that have been sticking inside your head. Sometimes through the daily grind, we forget to take care of our mental state. It sucks, but it does happen from time to time, for some more than others.

If you’re up for it, try meditation. Close your eyes and simply sit on the floor, in a chair, or just somewhere you can relax in a position that is comfortable for you. Close your eyes and just be. Focus on simply being. If thoughts try to get in your way, be gentle with them. Let them float away like a cloud being blown by the wind.

This is the same technique I use. I’ve performed it many times and it’s never failed me. You just have to give your mind a rest. As we go through our day, our thoughts, experiences, and such build up and can sometimes create stress or fear which causes blocks. These blocks can be removed if you take the time to do so.

Meditation is a great stress reliever, if you just take the time out of your day. I do ten minutes a day. That’s it! Some days I do more, some days less. It just depends on how busy I am. Try it out sometime! The only thing you can do is benefit from it. There’s no harm and the results are always well worth it. Best of all, it’s free! 😊

Blessed Be )O(


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