Depression, Depression Oh Lovely Depression

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 6

TODAY I LEARNED: All the gold mined in the history of the world would fit into a 20x20x20 meter cube.


I might as well name this week of rabble depression week since I’ve been hovering on the topic of depression for the past few posts. I want to ask a question… what do you wish you had?

Personally, I wish for a lot of different things. Sometimes I wish so much that I forget about the things I should be thankful for. Sometimes it’s irritating to hear someone tell you that you should be grateful for what you have in life. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s just human. We don’t want people telling us what to do. But in all honesty…we should be thankful. We really, really should.

Another question… is gratitude enough to battle depression? It’s certainly not the only thing you need, but you can’t get through your day with gratitude alone. Most of the time it takes more than that. Often, we need things like medicine, herbs, daily vitamins or minerals; just things that give us what we need in order to make it through the day. Be sure to exercise and drink lots of water. That’s what they tell us. And while it’s all true, it’s hard. Yes, the regular duties of a human being are hard. Especially for people with depression. Sometimes it’s all you can do just to stay on a routine.

Random thought: It’s been raining here lately…quite a bit. There’s flooding in a lot of different places. But you know what’s crazy? I love this rain. I could live in a place where it rained all the time. I would love it.

Ask yourself what is enough to get you through the day. Maybe you have some bad habits that need some readjusting. Perhaps the routine you’ve made for yourself is getting old and you need to spice some things up. You could just be tired of “living” and need an extra step in your plan towards self-care. Whatever you need, get it. However long it takes, do it. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.

Blessed Be )O(

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