Don’t Make Yourself Miserable

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: You can be rejected from joining the police force for being “too smart.”


Things are…mild today. I’m feeling better about the things I’ve been struggling with. I just wish people would be nicer to themselves. I met a man today who was heavily miserable. He seemed like he wasn’t capable of joy in any form. He was hateful, rude, expecting royal treatment, and an overall asshole.

But the one thing I picked up on? He was devastatingly miserable. It poured from him like a terrible goo that was so sticky and gross. Whether he realized it or not, he was being horrible to himself. I’m not entirely sure how because I don’t know this man, but I know he’s somehow making his own life a living hell.

It’s amazing how many times a day we decide that we’re “forced” to do things like we don’t have a choice. I say, we always have a choice. That’s one of the best things about freewill.

The problem with most is that you have to want to change. If I had to guess, I would say that the miserable man is caught in his own mess of misery. He’s probably grown accustomed to the way he lives and doesn’t see how it’s harming him. In all honesty, I hope he finds a way to bring joy back into his life because for someone to be so hateful, so horrible. It’s terrifying.

And honestly, it’s never too late. For any of us. No matter what, we can keep trying. We should. We will. Trying is what counts.

Blessed Be )O(


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