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Truth Has Two Sides

Emotional level: 6

Mental level: 6

TODAY I LEARNED: Grapes are fatally toxic to cats and dogs.


As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story. Two truths which are told from differing perspectives. So who is right? Which perspective is absolute or are they both wrong?

It’s not that we want our lives to be made up of lies. We want to live as truthful a life as possible…but we grow up accepting that lies are common place in the world we live in. Therefore, we believe that in certain instances that it’s okay to lie.

We all do it. We all lie. But does that make us bad people? Is it determined by how often we lie? Does it even really matter once it’s all said and done?

I’ve been told something and I feel that the truth is close behind what they say, but I can’t be sure, because I haven’t heard the full story. I’ve only heard one perspective. Am I to believe the entire thing based on their words alone? It doesn’t matter how close you are to someone. You need to hear the story from all sides before you properly make your conclusion.

But for whatever reason…if you can’t get the full story, then you have to settle with the fact that the full truth might not be presented. And honestly, that’s okay.

I wasn’t comfortable with not knowing the full truth. There’s a big barrier I had to cross in order to be content with the way truth works sometimes. A HUGE barrier. But I realized something vital.

It’s easier to accept something if you let go.

Let go of the fact that you have no control over it. Time takes care of it, but to arrive at the point of contentment, you have to break away from it slowly…

There are a few people who desperately need this advice, but even if they were to hear it, they wouldn’t listen. They would continue to go on with their lives…no proper growth. No proper love. And that’s sad.

On a brighter note, there is hope…in letting go. Sometimes it hurts at first, but life is pain and learning. Pain teaches us many things.

I’m okay with not knowing the full truth about my situation. I could talk to the other person, but that would require letting them back in my life, and I will never let that happen. It’s for the better.

It’s been a weird week and I don’t think people are showing everything to me, and that’s okay. We all have masks. We all…have something to hide.

Blessed Be )O(

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