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Old Magick

Emotional level: 7

Mental level: 7

TODAY I LEARNED: Paris was originally a Roman city called Lutetia.


What is the best way to get in touch with old magick? I would say just being in nature does the old magick justice. If at all possible, meditating in nature, wherever you can find a spot or even find the time is the best way to do so. There is something entirely healing about being one with all the natural things around you.

When I say old magick, I’m referring to the ancient energies and forces that have been here on this Earth long before us. The cycling of vibes that encompass us every day without even realizing it.

People often call this many different things, but I call it old magick. The energies of life. Nature doesn’t discriminate between good or bad, it just is. It’s interesting but true. Storms don’t wait on others to push through and cause devastation. But at the same time, a single leaf, barely dropping morning dew from its tip has the same intention. Just to be, and do as it is.

It’s almost as though we as humans have created the moral roads, right? That’s what it would seem like to many. I think the moral roads were already there, just waiting to be walked on. One could say that humans created them, but I think the energy was there all along. After all, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only change.

But the only real reason you can feel that old magick is because it’s inside you too, not just on the outside. It’s deep within you. Feeling it is a bit of a challenge because in today’s world we are blocked by so many things and tethered to various commodities that it’s hard to see or feel. And when it comes to magick, you must first believe in it for it to work. A lot of people have trouble with this. It seems scary and wrong to believe in something before seeing proof.

But until you can experience it for yourself, you will never know just how void of fear it really is. It’s all something to be experienced because words could never describe magick.

When people talk of hearing whispers on the wind or the light babble of words from the river, others deem them crazy. They think they’re just hearing voices and that there’s no real magick to be experienced. But for those who have already heard, they know.

It’s a feeling in your heart, because energy doesn’t lie. It’s the slight movement just out of the corner of your eye. But as you look, whatever caught your attention is gone.

That moment when your whole body seems like it’s being encompassed with pure love. I know, it probably sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo…but in truth it’s not. It’s real, it’s here, and we all have the ability to experience it at any time. Because to be human is to be magickal, and to be magickal is to feel the old magick.

Blessed Be )O(


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