Find Your “Muchness” Again

Emotional level: 8

Mental level: 8

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I am absolutely over the moon about all this fresh, new energy in my life!

Amidst this flurry of change, there’s something I wanted to unearth from my mind. My muchness.

For those who are unaware, there is a fun scene from Alice in Wonderland, the movie from 2010. It was directed by Tim Burton and it’s really been on my mind lately.

In the scene I’m referring to, the Mad Hatters tells Alice, “You used to be much more…’muchier.’ You’ve lost your muchness.”

In other words, she’s lost what makes up her own person. Lost is a loose term used because your muchness is something that’s always there, waiting for you to grasp it, even if you’ve forgotten.

I feel like I lost my muchness awhile back. This happened after large bouts of loss and realization. There’s something about death and losing old friends…they both turn your life upside down, death in particular.

They make your muchness feel nonexistent.

That part of me that made me joyful and wondrous…it just wasn’t there anymore. I felt like I had lost it. My light seemed faded, so to speak.

I had to give myself time. I wouldn’t be back to normal for a long while. Lots of doubt, depression, anxiety, and plenty of other trials and hardships were to follow…to bring me to a moment of truth and light. That moment came out once I realized my “muchness”, was there the entire time, resting inside me while I took the time to heal.

The point of me saying all this is, when you feel that your muchness has run out, don’t look to outside sources to fulfill your needs. Remember that it’s there inside you, resting in your heart, waiting on you to heal so it can properly resurface.

There’s nothing better than feeling that blissful joy again. And you will. You do. It just feels impossible at the time because our bodies, minds, and hearts need the time to process and go through a set of grief, inspiration, and trials that will push you to your limit…only to make you stronger.

You and your light…you are stronger than you know.

If you’re still having trouble with your muchness, even after you’ve made it through the dark, I suggest meditation. I really, really do. It may sound like hoodoo bullshit due to popularized misconceptions, but in all honesty, it works. It provides a palette for self-reflection and healing. Two things that you desperately need in order to press on and be whole.

I suggest a meditation that was meant for empaths initially, but anyone can use it to piece themselves together by cleansing and clearing your energy.

Here is the link:

Muchness is a strange thing. It can’t be contained because it’s a part of you. It is entirely what makes you unique in this world.

Whatever part of your journey you are now walking through, I pray that you find the peace within yourself to move forward and do what works best for you to love and be happy. I pray that you remember your muchness and press on. Sometimes all you can do is focus on the next step. I love everyone, dearly.

Blessed Be )O(


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