Rise From The Dead

TODAY I LEARNED: It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky. (But that doesn’t stop them from dreaming)

Mental state, genuinely wonderful. Emotional state, very well balanced!

This is a new beginning. A new year has started and I feel as though I have surfaced from a grave of stagnancy. My lungs fill with fresh, clear air. I can take a breath again. Blood rushes through my veins, bringing the heat of ambition back to fruition. I move my fingers, arms, and legs. They pressure me forward from my slumber as I swing the dingy, dirty door open. Earth flies away from my casket like a rocket to the moon. No more doubt.

As the sun shines on my face for the first time in a thousand years, I sense it now, the power of fire, the power of light. I am here and now. I am myself and what wonders will come from this wondrous year? I become ecstatic with joy.

Today, while I strolled through the woods, camera in hand, I snapped quite a few wonderful pictures!

My senses were flooded with multiple energies! The scent of the earth rushed to meet my nose, filled with hints of moss, damp trees, and the rushing river. Everything was still wet, yet it was a warm day. Everything felt as if it was in transition. The constant flow of life taking a moment to decide where it wants to go just as I was doing the same.

This year is in its infancy, and what a wonderful thought. The new beginnings of so many just waiting to bloom and become something magical and star bright. Normally I would say I would hate to be so cheesy, but frankly, fuck that. I am entirely myself and feeling it. After what feels like a lifetime of wiley and woozy, I am here. And even if these past few years have only been a small portion of my life, it changes your perspective when you consider each day a separate life.

I plan to let moonbeams dance on my face tonight. I will greet the night with a bow and tell the stars goodnight before bed. And as the second day of January approaches, I think of the delicate touch of the wind. It blows so softly tonight…and I cannot wait for the bitter cold that’s to come these chilly months!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here’s to rising from the dead and starting a new chapter, reborn and reawakened!

Gentle Advice: Take a deep breath…and let it go.

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