Rumple, We Love You…

Fact: On January 2nd, 2023 our hearts were shattered.

For those who do not know, we used to have two ferrets. One’s name is Julien and the other, our oldest, was Rumple. Julien is happy and healthy…but Rumple passed away January 2nd, 2023.

The grief and loss have really taken a toll on Jesse and I. Nothing ever prepares you for such a loss. Not a single person could ever tell you something that would make this feel better. Our hearts broke into a million small pieces…and we are currently struggling to pick them up again.

When we first met Rumple, he was a rambunctious little thing! He could fit in a small box without question and loved it! Any tight space he could find was enough to make his day!

Rumple was 7 years old. That’s such a long time for a ferret. In his eyes, we probably seemed like elves, barely aging alongside eternity. But for us…Rumple was so much more than just a ferret. He brought light and comfort to us and all who met him. Every single year of his life on this Earth was cherished more than any words could ever describe. He meant everything…and still does.

This blog entry is a tribute to him.

Rumple, we love you, and we will love you forever. There isn’t a word in our realm that can explain the pain of losing you. But you were in pain, more than we probably knew. And no amount of grief we feel can ever match the happiness you now feel. It took me a few days to see it…but I now know, you are at peace. You live in love and light, watching over us in our turbulent, emotional lives. You keep a close eye along with Jinx, Dodo, and all the little spiders and insects I’ve had over the years. Even those who have passed so long ago…I feel you all there with us. If I could take a single photo of all my memories of you, I would keep them forever, where no one could ever take them. But memories are funny things. They shift and morph into strange and lovely things. And as the years pass without you in this physical realm, Jesse and I will be happy to know you’re still there, even if we can’t see you. But for now…the pain is still quite fresh. Like a new wound, opened by circumstances beyond our control. I do not know when this will change…but I have faith, with time, we will find a way.

But sweet Rumple, please know this…no matter how much time passes and no matter how many seasons come to be, we will NEVER forget you. NEVER EVER. Even in the depths of forever, we will keep you in our mind’s eye. You are eternally bonded with us. You’re here with us, in our hearts, our spirits, our entire lives.

Go have wonderful adventures, run, be free. Be happy…and go in peace woozle Rumps…we love you more than anything. ❤

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