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The Crystals I Use for Anxiety

Good morning! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Today I wanted to talk about the crystals I use for anxiety and panic. As it’s probably known by many, crystals will not get rid of anxiety for good…


In my experience, certain crystals do have the ability to ease anxiety symptoms along with many other issues; but, today we’ll be focusing on stones that are used to help with anxiety.

Emotional state: slightly depressed

Mental state: well rounded

Alright, let’s get to it!

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a stone I’m really close to. It’s black, reflective and overall beautiful. Since it is black, it absorbs negative and harmful energies. This stone is good for when you want to feel safe or if you are bothered by large crowds. I’ve used this stone in situations like: loud parties, malls, busy restaurants, concerts, and even at family gatherings. It’s a great stone that sucks up all the mucky feelings you need rid of.

How it works: If you’re feeling severely anxious, find a place where you can concentrate. Try to quiet your mind. Once you are at a peaceful state (or as peaceful as you can be in your current situation), envision the anxious and harmful energies being absorbed by the black tourmaline.

After about a week or so, it’s good to cleanse your black tourmaline. This can be done by running it through water or cleansing by sage.

Clear Quartz

I have a LOT of clear quartz. There’s just something about this stone that really brings out the good in life. The best part is that you can use this stone for pretty much anything you want. It’s commonly referred to as an all-purpose stone. Simply carrying it on your person will bring about the changes you need. You can of course charge it with your intent and even release the negative aspects of anxiety into the stone whenever you feel it necessary to do so.

Just remember to keep these stones cleansed. This can be done in the sunlight for 24 hours or by passing it through running water. Sage is always a great cleansing tool as well as incense and salt water.


Amethyst was the first stone I ever used as a tool for my anxiety. It’s filled with various shades of purple and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to anxiety relief. It’s a great stone for many things, but it works very well with anxiety related issues. Simply carry it with you and remember to cleanse as well. However, don’t leave amethyst in the sun for too long as it will fade the colors within the stone.

Rose Quartz

Last, but not least, rose quartz. This stone helps with anxiety on a very caring level. It possesses loving energies that resonate with the heart and emotions. It’s a really great stone for those who are highly sensitive or often take things personally. Rose quartz can help to relieve some of that tension created from misinterpretation and communication. As always, remember to cleanse, but do not do so in the sun. A little sunlight isn’t horrible, but extended periods in the sun will cause the color to fade from the stone, just like the amethyst.

I hope this info helps in some way. I know when I first started experiencing anxiety, it wasn’t a pleasant road. I had to find various ways to ease my symptoms, and these are just a few. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. 😊

Blessed Be )0(

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