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It’s Okay to Be Sensitive

When I was younger I constantly told myself it was better to have tough skin than to feel absolutely everything. Eventually I couldn’t do that anymore, because after awhile, I realized the feelings creep up on me regardless of how hard you try to push them down.

Emotional state: accepting

Mental state: tolerating nonsense pretty well

Things did get better, and they continue to. But the first step is realizing that it’s okay to be sensitive. People will try to tell you to “toughen up” or “have thicker skin”, but you don’t have to. Sure, we need to be able to manage hurtful or negative comments from people in a healthy way, but that doesn’t mean you need to push what you’re feeling away or act like it doesn’t hurt you. Don’t lie to yourself.

In all honesty, it’s better to feel it all, even the bad feelings. They suck, I know…believe me, I KNOW! But it’s always worth it to let yourself feel. The reason being…

To live life fully you have to feel things fully and that means taking the bad with the good. You learn over time to manage it. Truly I need to take a dose of my own advice, because yesterday was very rough.

I had a bit of a breakdown, and it wasn’t because I “wasn’t feeling fully”. It happened because I WAS feeling things. Eventually it all passed and I got to a place where I could handle it. Things were better.

And that’s the most important thing to remember if you’re highly sensitive. Things will ALWAYS get better, because life is always changing. The one constant in life is change.

Truly the only thing I wanted to make known today is that it’s okay to be sensitive. Remember that, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Sometimes all we need is to hear it from someone else. We may know it inside, but to have someone out in the world talking about what you’re thinking about is a really great thing.

Blessed Be )0(




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