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A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Emotional level: 8

Mental level: 8

I’m actually feeling pretty level today and there’s nothing I can really complain about. Sure, there are things in life that could do with some improvement, but when will things ever be absolutely perfect?


I feel like I can open my eyes again. It’s good coming out of a depression session. I’ve let go of a lot lately…I’ve also said goodbye to a few people that I love and that’s never an easy thing to do. Loss, change, improvement…it’s weird how three things you never tie together can somehow affect you for the better.

So, here comes December. So many people and so little time. It’s time to break the bank and spend money we don’t have. Christmas never really felt like a chore until adulthood, but hey, that’s not a complaint, just a very disgruntled observation. I can’t wait for more snow. I know last year I said I didn’t want it to snow anymore, but I’m a bit tired of all the warm weather. I want the snowflakes! Also, I know it’s been said time and time again, but the holidays are about more than just presents, parties, and money. It’s about the people. Giving to those we love.

My social anxiety has been strangely active lately, and that’s unusual for me. I don’t hate people…but man, do they make you want to. I know this blog post is a bit random and all over the place, but sometimes you just need to vent. After all a blog can be anything you want it to be. ❤

Blessed Be )O(

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